Apostolsk Kirke Aalborg

About the church (english)

Welcome to the Apostolic Church community in Aalborg. The church is an evangelical, charismatic, Christian fellowship that base its beliefs on the Bible.

We want to live out Jesus’ message of love, in word and action and it is a goal of ours that this may shape and characterize our fellowship. We hope that you will feel welcome with us and find true fellowship.

The church is characterized by great diversity, and this is something we value highly. You will meet people from all age groups, and many backgrounds, as well as nationalities.

Two Sunday services
You can attend the Danish Sunday service (interpreted) which take place every Sunday, or the International Church service which take place two times a month. The venue address for both services is:
Hadsundvej 75, 9000 Aalborg (See map)

  • Danish Sunday service with interpretation to English
    Sunday services at 10:30 am are usually in Danish language but the meetings/preaching are interpreted to English for internationals. You can pick up a head set for the interpretation with the sound technician in the back of the church hall.
  • International Sunday service in English two times a month
    The international church community have international services with English preaching two Sundays every month at 4 pm. Besides that you are welcome to join one of the homegroups that gather during week days.

The first Sunday of every month the International Church joins the Danish congregation for a special celebration service at 10:30 am (beginning at 9.30 with church breakfast).Besides the Sunday services, there are many other activities going on in the church for all age groups during the week days.

Kid’s Sunday service
We offer Children’s church for all kids from age 3 to 8 years, and Junior Church for age 9 years and older, during the Danish morning service. Activities include stories about God, singing, play, etc..


For more information please contact:

Pastor, International church
Martin Mutale
Telephone: +45 26 16 14 39

Pastor, Danish church
Johannes Hansen
Telephone: +45 23 95 06 48